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We offer some useful accessories for jewellery photography and for Light Box maintenance


  Textile Cover
 Protects the equipment and the camera from dust and dirt when not used
  Support Structure
 Specific support structure from the floor for the Gem Photo Lux; steel made, weights about 5Kg
“Star sparkling” Filter
Mounted on the lens, transforms the light sparklings in 4, 6 or 8 rows star glitters
“Watch-silver-pearl” Kit   
 It allows a black background avoiding reflection of black on the subject. Reduce watch’s glass reflection. It includes special polarizer sheet and polarizer filter
“Macro Gems” Kit
 It increases the maximum enlargements, great for small items. It includes another macro optics and supports for close-up positioning. Already included in MINI
“Video Sparkling” Kit
 A spots with dimmerable, continuous/blinking light. Movable from outside the light-tent thank to magnetic supports, create sparkling and “changing glitters”
“Canon reflex camera” Kit  
 The most convenient Canon Reflex (compatible with software), 18 Mpixels, with zoom Canon EF-S 18-135mm and accessories: power supply, SDcard, long USB

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