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Some models of cameras are remote-controllable by the Software, and they allow to use completely our Studio (in the easiest and fastest way).

If you don't have a camera yet, we suggest to purchase Canon EOS 1300D, currently the camera with best price for value, with Zoom 18-135mm.

We usually don't reccomend Full Frame cameras (5D, 6D, ...) to non-expert photographers , because those cameras are more difficult to use, and require additional photographic knowledge.



 EOS 800D  24 Mpixel, Full HD Video
2017 $$ Not tested yet
 EOS 6D Mark II
 24 Mpixel, Full HD Video
2017 $$$$  NO
 EOS 1300D  18 Mpixel, Full HD Video
2016 $  YES
 EOS 750D   24 Mpixel, Full HD Video  2015 $$  YES
 EOS 760D  24 Mpixel, Full HD Video 2015 $$   YES
 EOS 1200D  18 Mpixel, Full HD Video
2014 $  YES
 EOS 700D  18 Mpixel, touchscreen  and tiltable display, Full HD Video
2013 $$  YES
 EOS 70D  20 Mpixel, Full HD Video
2013 $$  YES
 EOS 100D  18 Mpixel, touchscreen, Full HD Video
2013 $$  YES
 EOS 6D  20 Mpixel 2012 $$$$  NO
 EOS 650D  18 Mpixel, touchscreen  and tiltable display, Full HD Video 2012 $$  YES
 EOS-1D X  18 Mpixel 2012 $$$$  NO
 EOS 5D Mark III  22 Mpixel, Full HD Video
2012 $$$$  NO
 EOS 60Da  18 Mpixel 2011 $$$  YES
 Digital EOS 600D  18 Mpixel, tiltable display, Full HD Video
2011 $$  YES
 Digital EOS 1100D  12 Mpixel, HD Video
2011 $  YES
 Digital EOS 60D  18 Mpixel, Full HD Video 2010 $$$  YES
 Digital EOS 550D  18 Mpixel 2010 $$  YES
 Digital EOS 1D Mark IV 
 16 Mpixel, Full HD Video
2009 $$$$  NO
 Digital EOS 7D  18 Mpixel 2009 $$$$  YES
 Digital EOS 500D  15 Mpixel 2009 $$  YES
 Digital EOS 5D Mark II 
 21 Mpixel,  Full HD Video
2008 $$$$  NO
 Digital EOS 50D  15 Mpixel 2008 $$$  NO
 Digital EOS 1Ds Mark III  21 Mpixel 2007 $$$$  NO
 Digital EOS 1D Mark III  10 Mpixel 2007 $$$$  NO
 Digital EOS 1000D  10 Mpixel 2007 $  NO


Recommended Zoom:

 EF-S 18-55 mm    Not suitable to photograph small items. Little versatility   

 EF-S 18-135 mm    Very good for jewelry photography: ok for big/medium/small items.

 EF-S 18-135 mm STM  
 Same as the previous one, it adds a silent focus (for video function)  

Compatible Compact Cameras from Canon (out of production):

PowerShot G10, PowerShot G9, PowerShot G7
PowerShot SX110 IS, PowerShot SX100 IS
PowerShot S80, PowerShot S3 IS, PowerShot S5 IS
PowerShot A640, PowerShot A620

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