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How to photograph earrings

Each type of earring needs a different pose to be photographed as its best.


How to photograph a STUD earring

  1. Place earring one near to the other.
  2. Don't make a photo showing just the frontal part (Photo 1), otherwise it will not be clear what type of jewel it is.
  3. Find the correct height to shoot: not too low (Photo 2), not too high (Photo 3).
  4. Once you find the right height, create a little composition, for example, place the earring on the left with a frontal view from the camera, and the earring on the right with a three-quarter view (Photo 4). How to Photograph Stud Earrings

Other usual composition for Stud earrings are convergent view (Photo 5) or divergent view (Photo 6).
You can choose on your taste, and depending on the shape of your particular earrings.

How to photograph earrings


How to photograph a LONG earring

  1. We suggest to shoot one earring at a time, or even just one that will be doubled.
  2. Insert one earring in the light box
  3. Move the camera by arm to the top of the light box, so the frontal part of the earring faces the camera
    (NB. if the earring is very reflective, don't stay too frontal or the camera lens will create too much black reflections on the jewel surface).
  4. Shoot the earring
  5. Now change the reflections on the jewel, simply moving the light box tent to a different position.
  6. Shoot again
  7. Copy and paste those two photos.

How to photograph Long earrings

 If the photos of the two earrings are too similar, mirror one image to get a divergent view.



More difficult...

Sometimes earrings have a special shape, and they cannot stand in position by themself. To photograph this type of earrings you can create invisible support to obtain the right position.

  1. Cut a piece of the transparent sheet you find in our Light Box accessories (10cm x 10cm usually enough, but depends on earring's dimension)
  2. Create two little holes to insert the earring pin
  3. Insert the support with the earring in the light box
  4. The earring is already in a perfect position, the support is transparent, so... Shoot!



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