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7 Instagram secrets for Jewellery

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7 Instagram Secrets for Jewellery


Instagram is the perfect social media to showcase your jewels: photos, videos and all visual content help people fall in love with your design, building a loyal community of followers that are interested in your products.

After many research and collaboration with our customers, we have spotted 7 amazing secrets that every jewelers need to know for a successful Instagram strategy.

Let’s dive in!


Studio FourPro


#1 Steal the show

It’s difficult to emerge in the world of contents: between video of cats and photos of friends on holiday, you have to win out the attention of your audience and make it listen to your message.

So, how can you emerge?

First thing first is… be present. Draft an editorial plan for your brand with details about your tone of voice, the type of content you want and when you will publish it. Avoid strong promotional messages and try to let people connect with the style and story of your creations.
Once you know what you want to publish, schedule no less than two posts every week, considering that on Instagram the lifespan of a post is quite short.

instagram calendar 3



To schedule a post, some free tools are Hootsuite and Later, while non-free is SproutSocial, that will send a notification to your phone once it’s time to publish (the publication is always manual, but is an easy copy&paste).


#2 Video! Video! Video!!!

Videos are perfect to get the attention of customers, and now there are even more options to play with:

  •           Boomerang – captivating mini videos that loop back and forth (view the image below)
  •           Rewind – videos playing in reverse. Perfect for falling objects
  •           Hands free – recording videos without keep holding the rec button
  •           Superzoom – suspence music and increasing zoom, nice for Halloween, a bit less useful for jewelry (but, ehy! Who knows…)
  •           Stop motion – numerous photos to be converted in an animated GIF, to be released in the next week

Those are just tools: the success of your video depends on your creativity!



#3 Instagram Stories

For those who do not know yet, Instagram Stories are photo and video that are visible only for 24 hours.

They are amazing to show “what’s going on” during your day, in a very friendly and fun way. You can add stickers and filters, and even ask for little survey.

instagram how to create a story jewellery


 Here it is, 10 best Stories example ideas for jewelers:

  1. Storytell the process of creation of a jewel, from scratches to final product
  2. Ask suggestions about colors and materials for your new creations with surveys
  3. Offer limited 24-hour discount, maybe to the first 10 people that send you a direct message on Instagram
  4. Take a boomerang of a model wearing your creation
  5. Create the backstage of a shooting with a model
  6. Record a stop-motion video of your creations moving on the table
  7. Show your presence at jewelry exhibitions and events
  8. Introduce the new member of the team, wearing your creations or doing their work
  9. Celebrate anniversary and milestones of the company
  10. Interview happy customers or show reactions (just saying, everyone loves to watch marriage proposal!)


Remember to play with the style of your brand, its color and tone of voice!


#4 Start the Direct!

Ok, be prepared because this is big.

Direct video are live recording that you can broadcast from your phone. You can use them to interview the designer or to show the backstage of an international event, for example, but remember the important thing is…

Your followers will receive a notification when you start a direct.

Picture this: they are on the train, commuting to get back from work and…Bling! Notification: “Amazingjewellery started a live video. Watch it before it ends!”. If they click, they will see the backstage of your shooting in New York.

Don’t you think this is the easiest way possible to get their attention?

Maybe, between thousands accounts they are following, they don’t remember much about your brand, but this is an amazing opportunity to remind them about how cool your brand is.

Direct are extremely resource-consuming. You are live, so no error is accepted. You have to talk the whole time with your audience and explain what is going on, introducing people and answering to comments.

The most difficult part in direct videos is to maintain a fast-pace. You have to engage customers every single second.

It’s an amazing tool, but requires a lot of planning and the right occasion. Good luck!



#5 Photos that sell your jewels

There are many way to present your creations. Here some example of content you can create with your jewels.

  • Shooting with a model (portraits, hands, profile, whole body etc.) Can be either a simple shot of your colleage wearing the last collection or a professional photo with contribution by hairdresser, make-up artist, style designers, photographer, post producer and a model.


  • Catalogue pictures
    Your instagram needs some images where the jewel is protagonist, with little or no composition. The focus is on the product, without distracting elements. White background, high-resolution details and perfect colors are the key for the right shot. For effortless and high-quality photos we suggest FourPro Studio lightbox.


  • Graphical Composition
    You can create some interesting patterns or compositions posting one photo after the other, with a precise scheme. In this way, when someone is scrolling your account, their attention can be caught by your palette of colors, or by a big photo divided in grids. To create photos with grids we suggest an app called, no wonder, Grids.

We discourage from using only one of those types. Mix them! Some composition, some shooting photos, but don’t forget to bring the attention back to your product!

thumbnail Profilo sfondo bianco con griglia




#6 Interact with your followers

Your success depends on your ability to create a relationship with your followers. To do so, you have to include them in your Instagram, from time to time.

How to engage followers?

  • Reply to comments that are meaningful
  • Like and follow back those who are more active
  • Ask for opinions with Instagram Stories
  • Open a contest
  • Offer limited discounts
  • Interview some happy customer in your shop, to post photos or stories


And especially, if a customer post a photo with your creation (ideally tagging your company or using an hashtag with your name) remember to repost the photo on your account or in your Stories, thanking for publishing.


#7 Brilliant Jewelry hashtags

It’s well-known that hashtags are the main way to be discovered and get new followers on Instagram.

We cannot write a universal list of hashtags that work for jewels, as you have to choose them depending on what’s relevant to your brand, what describes your target audience, your style and the photo itself.

A little help comes from the search function: before posting, search for some tags and Instagram will complete your typing, showing also the number of post with that hashtag. You can choose a pair of broad words (#style, #love, #friendship etc.), but give more space for some specific one (#rubyring, #bridetobe, #jewelleryaddict, #jewelleryoftheday).

Then, check what influencers and other jewelers have used, and take inspiration from them.

Write a list of hashtag to adapt every time, for example:

#typeofproduct #typeofstone #typeofmaterial
#specificcolors #aboutthestyle
#fromthecrowd (applicable hashtags you found online)
and #yourofficelocations


The final result will depend on the photo, and will be similar to this:

#weddingring #diamond #whitegold #yesido #engagementring
#weddingband #bridetobe #shesaidyes #ido #weddingideas #diamondring
#london #dubai #milan #newyork
#jewelleryaddict #instajewellery #handmadejewellery #jewellerydesign #jewelleryoftheday

Cool, right? Remember you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags and pay attention to the first 5 you use: it’s likely they will be read by your customer, choose some that are specific to the photo, non-repetitive and that provide information.


To finish…

The last thing we want to share with you is this: remember that quality is key. Create posts that are valuable, appealing and that tell your story. You will just need a decent camera or phone to start, and some time to find the perfect shot. Quality requires time: don’t rush and… have fun!



Jewelry photography lightbox

Solve all your photography problems with our lightbox:

- no shadows

- easy white background with software

- perfect natural light

- reflections controlled

- finished photo in 30 seconds.

We have our own solution for product photography, designed for one of the most difficult product to photograph: jewelry.


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