Easy4Pro – a new tool to sell jewelry online

With the new Easy4Pro software it is possible to remotely accompany the customer in your jewelry store, let him choose the jewels and show him them in detail with the Studio4 Jewels.

Are the e-commerce results unsatisfactory?
This is normal, because e-commerce is not enough for the sale of jewelry products!

Easy4Pro is the alternative to the usual e-commerce for the online sale of jewelry.

Online shops are perfect for medium-low range products or products of which the customer has no doubts about the quality and characteristics, such as those of well-known brands.

In jewelry, e-commerce is not enough to meet new customers and conclude distance sales, because the sales of luxury products are always made by creating a relationship of trust that is impossible to create with the online shop that does not provide the customer-seller relationship.

It is therefore necessary to combine e-commerce with a new tool that allows you to recreate the interaction that occurs when you visit a store.

With the FourPro photographic systems and Easy4Pro software, it is therefore possible to put a special button on your website or send a link by email or WhatsApp to start the video call and proceed with remote sales, giving the customer a unique experience.

What is needed to put this new distance selling method into operation?

online sales jewelry

The Easy4Pro software, in addition to the functions for distance selling, allows you to photograph, edit and save professional jewelry photos and create interactive jewelry videos and 3D animations to publish on your website.
The Easy4Pro software is included in the solutions of: