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You can do photo of your products.


We have scalable solution for any need of documentation,
from easy professional photography to 3D animation for websites.



With our Photo Studio you can photograph the most difficult subject: jewels. We are proud to be specialized in this field

Fashion Accessories

White backgrounded photos for e-commerce or Amazon? We have Light Box for bigger items such as bags, shoes, eyeglasses and hats


Gems are a macrophotography challenge, and they need lots of details. It is essential that the light is well-balanced, to avoid any color change


We can create special Light Box on request. Once, someone asked one for medieval armours photography. After that, everything is possible

Our products

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Our Studio is composed by different parts that can be purchased separately, starting also with a minimum investment. The Studio can evolve during time, together with customer's needs.


It can be used with any camera, thanks to our adapters. Some cameras are reccomended, because they are remote-controllable, with real time preview and immediate transfer of the photography in the PC.


Only 20 seconds. This is the time required to shoot a finished photo, with white background and without shadows, using our Light Box and Software. Otherwise, using just the Light Box, time increases up to 3/5 minutes per photo.


It has been designed to be used by non-expert users. Jewellers or designers, not photographers. So, all the functions are simplified and no photographic knowledge is required.


Thanks to our rotating arm, the system calculates the real size of photographed area, to cut precisely and automatically the photo in real dimension, and after, to print 1:1 scale photos for catalogues.


It is possible to customize the photo's style with different background (some colored background are already in the package) or to create a photographic environment inside the Light Box inserting cases, cloths, flowers, etc.


Same jewels photographed by our Studio


We reply here to your first curiosities and doubts

It's obvious, photographic result depends also on camera.
We usually suggest some Canon models to speed up and simplify the photographic process, but the Studio is universal and can be used with any camera.

Yes, there is a team that provide remote assistance, mostly by email, replying to any doubt or problem. It is available also a photo-analysis service: sending us some sample photos, our expert photographers will analyse those shoots to suggest you how to make them better.

Yes, in the Light Box package there are included 3 different backgrounds (black, grey and opaque white) that can be inserted underneath the item at the moment of the shoot. It is also possible to create a photographic environment, inserting cases, cloths, flowers, inside the Light Box.

Two years on FourPro products.

Our Studio is different because it allows to shoot finished photos in few seconds and with a reduced investment. If you are considering other photographic solutions, evaluate those crucial factors:

  • In the final price, is included a macro lens?
  • Is it possible to rotate the camera around the jewel (180°) in a simple way and without tripod?
  • The light is enough to avoid shadows completely and to avoid the use of support and glue?
  • Is it possible to rotate the camera view to stand up jewels?
  • Can the package be tailored on your needs, with a modulare solution, instead of just one complete and expensive package?

Each one of this factor affect the time required to obtain a finished photo, and can lead to additional costs (such as buying a macro lens apart or the need of using a photo editor to rotate the items and remove the background).

We offer three movements, while other systems just offer one or two. Our Studio is the only that can rotate view around the jewel, thanks to our patented arm structure.

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