Focus Stacking – how to get sharp images

What the focus stacking is

Focus stacking is a digital photographic technique that allows you to obtain images with greater depth of field.

focus stacking

Any lens is able to focus only at a precise distance, creating visibly out of focus areas closer and more far away, especially when the subject is very small.

When the sharp area of the image is small, it means that there is low depth of field.

This type of image is very useful when you want to drive the attention on a particular zone but not when you want to show the subject in its entirety.

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Generally you can reduce the aperture (increasing the value) to obtain greater depth of field, however this can cause loss of image quality and for very small objects it is not sufficient.

Focus stacking, in fact, is mainly used in macro and micro photography and it is therefore a useful technique in jewelry photography.

It consists of taking multiple photographs of a subject by choosing different focus points and then combining the shots into a single image.

focus stacking jewelry

Why it is important to use focus stacking in jewelry images

Showing every detail of the jewel is important to visually communicate the product.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, this is because we remember 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear.
Our brain understands an image more quickly than a text, in fact most of the information we receive is visual.

The quality of an image is therefore very important to highlight the details of the product and quickly convey its characteristics.

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How focus stacking works with Easy4Pro software

With Easy4Pro, the focus stacking is very easy yo use: you just have to choose the focus points and wait till the software process the image, that’s it.