How to take perfect photos of jewels

1- Choose the right equipment

To take photos of jewels it is important to choose the right equipment, which allows you to get the best results speeding up the process.

A professional photographic system allows anyone, even those who have no knowledge of photography, to take perfect photos in a few seconds thanks to the Lightbox that illuminates the jewel in every detail.

To get good results you can also use a smartphone, but to take high quality photos it is preferable to use a reflex camera with a macro lens.

With Studio4 Jewels the photographic process is even faster thanks to the software and the camera mounted on the rotating arm structure. It is also possible to choose the most suitable color and light source for the type of jewel you want to photograph.

2- Photograph one jewel at a time

The images with multiple jewels could confuse and the peculiarities of each individual subject could get lost in the image.

Also taking pictures of several jewels at the same time and then cropping each piece in post production is not a good idea, as the quality of the image would decrease and therefore also the quality of the details of the subject.

To show jewels in all their beauty, taking advantage of every pixel of the camera and showing every little detail, it is better to take a photo for each jewel.

3- Clean jewel surfaces

It is good to make sure that jewels are perfectly polish before taking pictures.

The high-quality images show every detail of the jewel but also highlight imperfections, such as fingerprints and dust.

Removing all these disturbing elements in post production is a long and complex job.

For this reason, it is better to lose a few more seconds before taking the photo by cleaning the jewel with a cloth, rather than spending hours in front of the computer for photo editing.

4- Choose the right angle

Choosing the right angle allows you to highlight the most important parts of the jewel.

The ideal would be to show the jewel as if it is worn and use the zoom to cover the entire area that can be photographed with the subject.

You can find here some examples of photos taken with the Studio4 Jewels Pro.


3D animations jewelry
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photo and video jewelry
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how to photograph jewelry
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lightbox jewelry
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5- Do not over-edit your photos

Many people believe that photo editing is the fastest way to get quality photos.
However, most of the time post production requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of time and often the result is unrealistic.
It is right to arrange images through photo editing software when necessary, but without exaggerating.