How to choose the perfect frame for eyewear

What is the best framing for eyewear? The answer is simple: the best framing is the one that shows the most details of the product.

Let’s see the different framings and how to choose them:

1- “Three-quarter” view from below

This framing is the best to show the entire frame: both the front and the stems. It is suitable to be used as the main photo to be published on the website or in the catalog and is the most interesting.

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2- Front view

This framing is suitable when you want to show only the front part of the glasses and you don’t want to highlight the stems, because they don’t have particularities of color and workmanship to show. This is one of the three “technical” views (orthogonal projections), the others are the view from above and the side view.

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3- “Three-quarter” view from above

This framing allows you to show the entire product as a “three-quarter” view from below, but compared to the latter it is achieved by placing the product on a surface. It is certainly an excellent framing to show both the front and the stems, but it is not as interesting as the first framing described.

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4- Other views

There are other views of the eyewear based on the detail you want to highlight, but we can consider the first three indicated as the main ones. Here are some other views of the glasses:

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All photos in this blog were taken with the Studio4 Eyewear thanks to the automatic product rotation, background whitening and editing functions.
Find out how to take photos like these by booking a demonstration online.