How to take perfect photos of shoes

Taking beautiful still-life photos of shoes with white background for the Web or the catalogues can become easy if you follow these tips:

1- Choose the right equipment

lightbox shoes

First of all, in the photography, one of the most important things is to choose the right lighting to be able to show the products in all their beauty.

A professional photographic system, like the Studio4 Shoes, allows anyone, even those who have no knowledge of photography, to take perfect photos in a few seconds thanks to the light box that illuminates the shoes in every detail and the software that automatically edits the photo to obtain the photographic result with one click.

To get good results you can also use a lightbox with a smartphone, but to take high quality photos it is preferable to use a reflex camera.

While choosing the lightbox it is important to check that the lightbox:

  • does not create always the shadows under the product
  • allows to obtain a well-balanced light from all angles to have a homogeneous light
  • allows to change the camera angle to shoot the shoes from different points of view.

This is all possible by the technology that we designed especially for taking photos, creating video and 3D animations of shoes: Studio4 Shoes.

2- Clean shoes surfaces

Before taking pictures, it is good to make sure that shoes are perfectly cleaned, because high-quality images show every detail of the product but also highlight imperfections that after need to be edited and cleaned in post-production.

For this reason, it is better to lose a few more seconds before taking the photo by cleaning the shoes, that is better than spending hours in front of the computer for photo editing.

3- Choose the right angle

Choosing the right angle allows you to highlight the most important parts of the shoes.

The ideal would be to show the shoes as if it is worn or in a product view that shows the most important and unique details.

Before shooting it is, also, good to use the zoom to cover the entire area that can be photographed with the subject, in this way the photo will be with higher resolution then cropping the photo during the editing.

You can find here some examples of photos taken with the Studio4 Shoes.

taking pictures of shoes


ecommerce shoes photos


how to photograph shoes


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different position of the product and with different camera angles to find the best picture for each shoes.