How to photograph rings

To take perfect photos of jewels it is necessary to choose the right equipment, photograph one jewel at a time, clean jewel surfaces, choose the right angle and do not over-edit the photos.
These steps are described in “how to take perfect photos of jewels“.

In this post we focus on the framing for rings.

The best way to show a ring is to photograph it as if it’s worn.

photograph rings
how to photograph rings

With Studio4 Jewels Pro it is possible to obtain this result without supports or glues.

Thanks to the lighting placed under the jewel and therefore to the absence of shadows, it is possible to insert the ring flat inside the lightbox and rotate the image until the right position is obtained.

To get a side view it is necessary to position the ring so that it looks at the left corner of the lightbox, then you have to rotate the preview image directly from the software to make the ring appear as worn.
To change the point of view from which the ring is photographed, it is possible to move the rotating arm that supports the camera.

rings lightbox

Below is shown how to take a photo with a side view of a ring with the Studio4 Jewels Pro.

To get a front view, suitable for rings with precious stones, simply place the ring inside the lightbox with the stone facing us.

rings photography

You can then choose a focus point to highlight a part of the jewel or you can choose different points to show every detail of the product.
Read also “Focus Stacking – how to get sharp images” to learn more.

jewelry photography